Wavves - Afraid of Heights ALBUM REVIEW


Wavves manage to pull off yet another powerful mix of noise and punk rock on their fourth full-length LP.

The noise/punk rock duo Wavves have never really made a bad album. All three of their previous LP’s were incredible mixes of rock and lo-fi straight from the garage. And their fourth full-length, Afraid of Heights, marks a memorable, awe-inspiring milestone in their careers. Carrying on the spirit of their lo-fi sound, this album is their best effort so far. While the Afraid of Heights sticks to a more punk sound most of the time, it still has a great range from the early Nirvana sounding rocker “Demon to Lean On” to the more shoegazing-esque head-rushes on the second side of the album (“Everything Is My Fault”, “Dog”). Wavves definitely bring out more riff-heavy tunes than they did before. The opener “Sail to the Sun”, does what a few other tracks do on this LP, but at a more attacking and powerful speed. Nathan Williams brilliantly gives the album it’s two separate sounds, and he separates those sounds by putting each on one side of the LP. Which gives the album a much more, powerful appeal. Afraid of Heights will be one of the greatest rock albums you’ll hear this year. And I know that because, it’s one of the best punk albums I personally have heard in years. With an echoing sound at the end of the closing track, “I Can’t Dream”, it lures you into the next chapter of Wavves’ never-ending story. Until the next LP, Williams will probably hit another home run. But until then, you’ll have to savor the incredible sound that Afraid of Heights beholds.

My rating (score): 4/5

Favorite tracks: “Sail to the Sun”, “Demon to Lean On”, “Everything Is My Fault”, “That’s On Me”.

Listen to the album here: http://www.npr.org/2013/03/17/174236696/first-listen-wavves-afraid-of-heights?sc=tw&cc=twmp

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